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SmallRig RC 350D COB LED Video Light: GaN Adapter and Secure Damping System

Experience exceptional power efficiency and precise adjustments with SmallRig’s RC 350D COB LED Video Light. Its GaN adapter guarantees over 95% power efficiency, minimizing energy waste and heat generation. The secure damping system ensures safe and accurate tilt adjustments, reducing the risk of equipment damage. Elevate your videography with SmallRig’s RC 350D COB LED Video Light, compatible with their camera cages, and enjoy efficient lighting performance and reliable equipment protection in your portable COB lighting setups.

GaN Adapter for Power Efficiency

SmallRig introduces the RC 350D COB LED Video Light, featuring a cutting-edge Gallium Nitride (GaN) adapter for exceptional power efficiency. The GaN adapter ensures that power is utilized effectively, resulting in over 95% efficiency and minimizing energy waste.

With the GaN adapter, the RC 350D generates less heat compared to traditional adapters, contributing to improved energy conservation. This not only reduces power consumption but also maintains a cooler operating temperature, enhancing the overall performance and prolonging the lifespan of the light.

Secure Damping System

The RC 350D is equipped with SmallRig’s patented secure damping system, enhancing both safety and precise tilt adjustments. This innovative system prevents sudden tilting or unexpected movements, minimizing the risk of accidental damage to your equipment.

The damping system offers smooth and controlled adjustments, allowing you to precisely set the desired angle and maintain stability throughout your shoot. This not only ensures the safety of your gear but also provides you with reliable and consistent lighting angles, enhancing your overall shooting experience.


SmallRig’s RC 350D COB LED Video Light combines the power efficiency of the GaN adapter with the security of the damping system, providing you with an efficient and safe lighting solution. Benefit from over 95% power efficiency, lower heat generation, and a locking design for a reliable power supply. Additionally, enjoy the secure damping system that ensures safe and precise tilt adjustments, enhancing both your shooting experience and the longevity of your equipment.

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