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Mapping Catheters: Mapping the Path to Medical Interventions

Mapping catheters play a vital role in this process, enabling medical professionals and hospitals to navigate the intricate pathways of the human body. This article will explore the significance and features of mapping catheters, with a focus on APT Medical‘s SinusFlex™ Steerable Decapolar Mapping Catheter. Designed to provide effective and reliable coronary sinus (CS) mapping, this catheter simplifies CS catheter placement and empowers medical professionals to navigate anatomical variations with ease.

Enhanced Access and Signal Quality

A revolutionary spatial curve on the SinusFlex™ mapping catheter makes it simple to reach the Coronary Sinus Ostium (CSO). This innovative design enables medical professionals to navigate through complex anatomical variations with precision and ease, simplifying the process of catheter placement. Additionally, the catheter’s smooth transition between electrodes and the catheter itself ensures superb signal quality, providing accurate and reliable mapping data for precise treatment planning.

Safety and Support

When it comes to medical interventions, safety and support are of utmost importance. The SinusFlex™ mapping catheter addresses these requirements effectively. With its various stiffness design, the catheter strikes a balance between providing the necessary support and ensuring patient safety. The stainless steel braided structure enhances pushability and torqueability, allowing medical professionals to manipulate the catheter precisely during mapping procedures.


Mapping catheters have revolutionized medical interventions by providing healthcare professionals and hospitals with the precision and accuracy needed for successful procedures. The SinusFlex™ Steerable Decapolar Mapping Catheter, with its patented spatial curve, exceptional signal quality, and various stiffness options, empowers medical professionals to navigate the complexities of the human body with confidence. By leveraging these advanced technologies, medical professionals can enhance patient care, improve treatment outcomes, and continue to push the boundaries of medical innovation. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of EP and Vascular Intervention medical devices, APT Medical remains dedicated to advancing the field of interventional medicine, equipping healthcare professionals with innovative tools to protect and improve the health of humanity.

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