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The 30kW EV DC Charger Module from Winline Technology is Electrifying the Future of EV Charging


The UXR100030B-30kW EV DC charger module from Winline Technology is a state-of-the-art product that is intended to satisfy the increasing needs of EV charging infrastructure. With its ultra-high output power, ultra-wide output voltage, and remarkable efficiency, this module is set to completely change the EV charging market. Let’s examine its main characteristics and how it will affect EV charging in the future.

Crucial Parts
With an ultra-wide output voltage range of 100~1000Vdc, the Winline Technology UXR100030B-30kW EV DC charger module is suitable with a variety of EV models. Across a range of output voltages, it provides dependable and effective charging performance because to its ultra-high output power and consistent 30kW power output. Its wide operating temperature range of -40 to 55°C at full power guarantees excellent performance in a variety of environmental circumstances. It increases energy use, cutting down on charging times and expenses for EV owners and operators with a full-load operational efficiency of > 95.5%.

Creative Benefits
The ultra-wide constant power range and ultra-high full load working temperature of the UXR100030B-30kW EV DC charger module are two of its many notable benefits. It was created to meet the demands of the EV charging business. It also has a wide output voltage range, high power factor, power density, efficiency, and reliability. This module raises the bar for EV charging infrastructure thanks to its outstanding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance, low noise level, and standby power usage.


In terms of EV charging innovation, the Winline Technology UXR100030B-30kW EV DC charger module leads the way. It provides EV charging infrastructure operators with a dependable, effective, and affordable charging solution with its cutting-edge features and outstanding performance. Utilize the 30kW EV DC charger module to fully utilize your EV charging infrastructure and embrace the future of electric transportation.

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