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This article will cover the range of design courses and the essential tips to choose the right one for you. It is time for you to start your design education at the best design colleges in Ahmedabad such as Anant National University.

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●       Design Courses for students after 12th

●       Design Courses at the postgraduate level

●       Fundamental tips to choose the right design course

●       Conclusion

●       FAQs

Design Courses for students after 12th:

Top design colleges in India extend a wide range of design courses for students to pick after their 12th to start their career in the design industry.

Here are some of the best design courses offered at the leading design colleges in Ahmedabad.

Bachelor of Design Course Range:

Bachelor of design courses are offered in a wide range of specialisations and they are listed below.

Communication Design:

Communication design is a designing aspect that incorporates visual creations, typography, photography and various other visual elements into one cohort for effective message communication to the audience from the brand side.

BDes course in communication design facet is offered at the best communication design colleges in India.

Sustainable Fashion & Textile Design:

The BFD Fashion Design Course trains students to transform garments, stitch, customize, design, and collaborate fabrics for new patterns, and much more. In simple terms, this course is for graphic and artistic designers interested in drawing to metamorphose a simple fabric into a gorgeous masterpiece.

Students interested in fashion and textile can take up BDes in Fashion & Textile Design at the best textile design colleges in India.

Interaction Design:

Interaction design involves creating digital products and systems that provide meaningful and satisfying user experiences. At renowned design colleges, students are trained impeccably in interaction design via their exclusive BDes course for interaction design.

Product Design:

BDes product design course offered at the best colleges for product design in India is designed to educate students on product design facts such as the psychological study of consumers, data scanning and much more to create ideal product solutions and designs.

Space Design:

A BDes in Space Design is a degree program that focuses on preparing students for careers in designing and creating physical spaces. Space design involves considering the functionality, aesthetics, and user experience of interior environments.

Moving Image:

A moving image course is an educational program that focuses on the creation, production, and understanding of visual content in motion. Such courses typically cover a wide range of topics related to film, video,

animation, and other forms of moving imagery.

This course is offered as BDes in Moving Image at the undergraduate level at the best design colleges in Ahmedabad.

Transdisciplinary Design:

Bachelor of Design in Transdisciplinary Design is a quirky design course that incorporates design aspects from various disciplines such as graphic design, product design, space design and much more.

Along with these, top design colleges such as Anant National University also offer other UG courses such as BA Visual Arts and Photography.

Design Courses in the postgraduate level:

Here are master design courses that are offered at the best M Des colleges in India.

Master of Integrated Product Design:

MDes in Product Design is a postgraduate product design course that imparts advanced in-depth field knowledge and prepares students with remarkable solution-developing skills.

On knowing the various design courses that await talented students and future designers, here are some of the best tips for choosing the right design course for you.

Fundamental tips to choose the right design course:

Here are some of the essential tips that will help you in choosing the right design course for your bright future.

  • Identify Your Interest:

Determine the specific area of design that interests you the most, such as graphic design, industrial design, interior design, fashion design, etc. Consider your passions and strengths to find a course that aligns with your skills and interests.

  • Analyse and Research Specialisations:

Get to know about the various design specialisations and what they hold for you to learn. Look for programs that have a strong reputation in the specific design field you are interested in. Review the curriculum and course content to ensure they cover the skills and knowledge you want to acquire. Look for a balance between theoretical concepts and practical applications.

  • Check on job opportunities:

As you are planning to make design as your career, check for the job opportunities that are available after pursuing any particular specialisation in design.

You can analyse job factors by researching online, seeking words from experts in the field, etc.

  • Analyse the growth graph:

Along with career opportunity analysis, also conduct a career growth graph analysis to know and understand the time period that you would require to stabilise and professionalise your career in your chosen design discipline.

  • Seek advice from design experts and professionals:

To get proper relevant on-field ideas about any design specialisation, you can seek the advice of design professionals in various fields. Doing so will help you know the real-time design industry and its agenda which will help you make proper decisions.

Considering and following these tips will greatly help you in identifying the right design course for you. With this move on to pursue your design course at the best design colleges in Ahmedabad.


To wrap it up, students have a wide range of options in design education to choose from at the best design colleges in Ahmedabad. Analyse, research and identify the right one for you with a steady and calm mind as this will be the foundation for your future career in the design industry.


1 ) Which design course is best for me?

The best design courses in India are BDes in Product Design, BDes in Communication Design and BDes in Fashion Design.

2 ) How do I choose a design school?

One should consider the following factors when choosing a design school:

  • Accreditation
  • Curriculum
  • Faculty
  • Infrastructure
  • Practical training facilities
  • Placement support

3 ) What design is most demand?

Product design is the most demanded design service at the global level followed by interior design and fashion design.

4 ) What is the most important skill for designers?

Drawing skills are considered the most important skill for designers. In addition, creativity and critical thinking are also expected greatly in designers.

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