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Enhancing Your Hunting Experience with HIKMICRO’s Thermal Clip-On

The appropriate gear can transform your hunting adventure into a memorable and successful one. HIKMICRO has created cutting-edge Thermal Clip On technology to improve your field vision since they understand the needs of hunters. Read on to find out how the clip on thermal scope from HIKMICRO, with its adjustable lenses and OLED display, makes for a pleasant viewing experience.

Immersive Visuals with Adjustable Lenses

HIKMICRO’s HABROK Thermal Clip-On offers an immersive visual experience, thanks to its adjustable lenses. Both lenses support focus adjustment, allowing users to fine-tune their viewing experience. Whether you’re scanning the landscape or focusing on a specific target, HABROK ensures clear and sharp imagery. Additionally, the adjustable interpupillary distance, ranging from 60mm to 74mm, caters to different users’ demands, providing a comfortable fit for extended periods of use. With HABROK, you can customize your visual experience and maintain optimal comfort throughout your hunting adventures.

Enhanced Observing Perspectives with OLED Display

HABROK features a sub-round 0.49” large OLED display with a resolution of 1920×1080. This high-resolution display unlocks new and comfortable observing perspectives, delivering an immersive hunting experience. The OLED technology ensures that the visuals are clear, vibrant, and true to life, allowing you to spot targets with ease and clarity, even in challenging lighting conditions. The large display size further enhances your field of view, providing a comprehensive picture of your surroundings. With HABROK’s OLED display, you can observe your hunting grounds with confidence and make accurate decisions.


HIKMICRO’s Thermal Clip On, HABROK, brings a new level of comfort and visual experience to hunters. With adjustable lenses and an OLED display, HABROK ensures that you can customize your viewing experience and immerse yourself in the hunting environment. Don’t let poor visibility hinder your success. Invest in HIKMICRO’s clip on thermal scope and enjoy a comfortable and enhanced visual experience in the field. Whether you’re a professional hunter or an outdoor enthusiast, HABROK will be your trusted companion, helping you spot targets with precision and confidence. Elevate your hunting experience with HIKMICRO’s Thermal Clip-On technology.

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