Have you heard that interior design is often known as the architect’s heart in a construction outcome?

Such a valuable career facet in the civil engineering arena is interior design. While the outer getup of a building is roughly the same way, the interior of a building can be stunning in professional design.

Feeling elated and wanna make your career in this “creation ground” within the construction industry? If yes, come on. Get to know about the interior design courses at top interior design colleges in Kolkata and the reasons to pursue them.

Interior Design Courses and its levels:

India has many “master” colleges such as Srimati Techno Institute, one of the best interior designing colleges in Kolkata offering remarkable interior design courses at various levels from diploma to postgraduate stage.

Here is an insight into the various interior design courses offered at the best colleges in Kolkata and others.

Diploma in Interior Design:

The Diploma in Interior Design course is an elementary-level course in interior design that educates students on the basics of interior design.

In this course, the students are exposed to the basics of interior designing such as creating designs, choosing materials, etc. This course offered for a 1-year duration at the best diploma in interior design colleges in India extends a remarkable on-field learning experience.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission:

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue a Diploma in Interior Design at top leading interior design colleges in Kolkata and others are as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 or equivalent in any recognized educational institution.
  • Candidates should have scored at least 50% aggregate in 10+2.

Some colleges might require mathematics as a compulsory subject in 10+2.

Admission to a diploma in interior design is most commonly offered on a merit basis considering a 10+2 score.

BSc in Interior Design:

BSc in Interior Design course is the foundational level interior design course that falls under the undergraduate course category. This course offered by top interior design colleges in Kolkata and others is designed to educate students about the technologies, methodologies, intricacies, and nuances in interior designing any constructional outlay.

This course inculcates the skills that are required to analyse, plan and provide a perfect interior design masterpiece within 3 years.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission:

The necessary eligibility criteria to pursue a BSc in Interior Design are as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 with at least a 50% aggregate from any recognized educational institution.

Admission is provided on a merit basis in certain colleges considering a 10+2 score.

Masters in Interior Design:

Master in Interior Design is a postgraduate level course that inculcates advanced level interior design knowledge which instills a great career within the construction arena.

This degree offered for a period of 2 years inculcates a futuristic aspect of interior design preparing students for an optimistic career in the construction field.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission:

To pursue a Master in Interior Design at renowned colleges candidates should have completed a Bachelor’s degree in the interior designing stream.

Admission is either merit-based considering UG degree score or entrance exam-based.

Moving forward, here are the reasons to pursue interior design courses.

Reasons to pursue an interior design course:

Basically, the interior design industry is a worthy career platform. This is because of its greatly growing market value which is a sign of increasing career opportunities. So, it persuaded students to take up interior design courses.

Explore the range of reasons to pursue an interior design course at leading interior design colleges in Kolkata.

Career in Developing Industry:

The interior design industry has today gained a huge global value of USD 45.1 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach a value of USD 79.6 billion in 2030 at a CAGR of 7.4%. Making a career in such a developing industry is made possible by pursuing interior design courses.

Specialised Education Plan:

Though interior design is performed by civil graduates, specialised expertise in interior design facets is exclusively offered by interior design courses in great depth thus encouraging interested students to pursue it.

Notable Skill Development:

Develop a range of skills apart from interior design such as time management, leadership, organisational skills, problem-solving skills, negotiation skills and many more which are a great boon for a successful career and life as well.

Great Career Opportunities:

Pursuing an interior design course at renowned interior design colleges in Kolkata and others unlocks a great deal of career opportunities. Here are some of the job positions available for interior designers:

Job positions Average Salary in INR
Interior Designer 5 LPA
Design Architect 7 LPA
HR Manager in Interior Design Firms 9.2 LPA
Customer Service Representatives 3 LPA
Interior Design Project Manager 5.4 LPA
Space Planner 4.2 LPA
Stage Designer 4 LPA
Furniture Designer 4 LPA
Studio Mentor & Architect 6.5 LPA
Visual Merchandiser 5.6 LPA
Business Development Manager 4.1 LPA
Exhibition Designer 4.5 LPA
Facilities Planner 3.89 LPA

Networking Opportunities:

Venturing into the construction industry with an interior design degree at top interior design colleges in Kolkata and others offers a remarkable networking opportunity.

As a student pursuing an interior design course, one will get the opportunity to attend seminars and meet and interact with interior design experts, professors, etc which is a great networking opportunity that can aid in your future career journey as an interior designer.

On the whole, there are several reasons to persuade students to take interior design courses for a great career.


Wrapping it up, interior design courses pursued at top interior design colleges in Kolkata and other places are wiser choices for a brighter future. Get your interior design degree and make impeccable designs that make people awe on first impression.


1) How can I start my career in interior design?

One can start a career in interior design by pursuing a BSc in interior design and strengthen the career by pursuing higher interior design courses such as MBA in Interior Design, etc.

2) What is the scope of the interior design course?

Scope after interior design courses is huge as top companies hire interior designers for various roles such as interior designers, space designers, etc both in India and abroad.

3) What are the skills required for interior design?

  • Creativity
  • Designing skills
  • Drawing Skills
  • Patience
  • Time Management

4) What is the average salary for interior designers after a Master in Interior Design?

The average salary for interior designers after a Master’s degree in Interior Design is around INR 9 LPA which will increase with higher education and experience.

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