Is an MA Degree After a BA the Right Path for Your Career?

With about 97.5 lakh students enrolled in the Arts stream between 2020 and 2021, you can see how this stream is changing eventually. Furthermore, obtaining professional success in this stream requires a strong educational foundation.

So, are you a BA graduate, who is looking to advance in your career? If so, an MA degree can be a worthwhile investment.

In this blog, we will examine how earning a degree from one of the MA colleges in Bhopal can help you advance in your career and take advantage of new chances.

What is an MA?

Apart from other postgraduate degrees, you will find an MA degree to be very popular, which covers a lot of subjects. Among the highly regarded MA colleges in Bhopal, the Mansarovar Global University offers this 2-year course with the main objective of helping you increase the depth and breadth of your understanding of theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of social phenomena, structures, and processes.

Multidisciplinary study and collaboration are typically offered in an MA course. You can also acquire cutting-edge skills to succeed in your chosen field.

Course Highlights

For your convenience, we have tabulated below some highlights of the MA course offered by Mansarovar Global University:


Level of Education Postgraduate
Course Name Master of Arts
Course Duration 2 years
Mode of Examination Yearly Pattern
Areas of Specialisation Economics, Public Administration, History, Home Science, Education, Rural Development, Public Health, Psychology, Physical Education, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Political Science, Social Work, Rural Science, Sociology, and Geography.

Eligibility Criteria

To pursue an MA specialisation at Mansarovar Global University, one of the MA colleges in Bhopal, you must satisfy the following:

  • Obtain a Bachelor’s in Arts or equivalent degree.
  • Score a minimum aggregate of 50% marks in graduation. A 5% relaxation is available for reserved category candidates as per the State Govt. Norms.

Why is an MA After a BA Degree a Good Choice?

An MA Degree can drive you many benefits in countless possible ways. Moreover, the MA and BA colleges in Bhopal, like Mansarovar Global University will assist you in reaching new heights, regardless of your ambition to increase your education, job, or skill set.

To better understand MA Degrees’ positive impact on your career, please go through the following points:

1)    Specialised Knowledge and Skill Development

An MA degree will enable you to specialise in a particular field, acquire highly sought-after skills in the job market, and go deeper into your subject of study. Because of your increased proficiency, you will also stand out from the crowd and be a desirable candidate for positions that are in high demand. Moreover, the best arts colleges in Bhopal are a great place to get this degree since they can help you accept innovation, adapt to industry trends, and gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

2) Enhanced Employability and Job Prospects

Having a Master’s degree greatly improves your employability and employment opportunities. You are also likely to come across high-level positions that have advanced degrees as a prerequisite. In this regard, an MA degree can establish your dedication to both professional and personal development, which positions you as a trustworthy and capable professional.

Upon completion of your MA degree, you can apply for the tabulated below jobs to earn a lucrative salary:


Job Profiles Average Salary (in INR)
1)    Journalist 4.1 LPA
2)    Lawyer 3.5 LPA
3)    Educator 6.1 LPA
4)    Project Manager 10.5 LPA
5)    Social Worker 2.6 LPA


3) Networking Opportunities

You can network with industry leaders, other students, and alumni who are influential in your career growth through the many options offered by a Master’s degree. Consequently, as the best university in Madhya Pradesh, Mansarovar Global University offers collaborative projects, internships, conferences, and guest lecturers to allow you to forge enduring contacts that will serve you well in your career. Moreover, broadening your network can lead to mentorships, recommendations, and employment chances that might not be publicly promoted.

4) Increased Earning Potential

Sources routinely demonstrate that people with advanced degrees make more money throughout their careers than people with only a Bachelor’s degree. Most importantly, an MA degree offers a route to financial development and stability, whether it’s a rise in your current employment pay or qualifying for jobs with better benefits packages.

5) Career Switching and Advancement

An MA degree from the best private university in Bhopal can alter your life if you want to change careers or improve in your current sector. Most essentially, by giving you the required information and skills, your credentials and experience from the curriculum might facilitate a smooth transfer into a new profession. And, if you are looking to advance in your current field, an MA degree can help you get there by showing that you’re dedicated to your career development and can lead to leadership positions and promotions.

6) Personal and Intellectual Growth

Beyond professional benefits, pursuing postgraduate courses can be a life-changing experience. Aside from that, earning an MA pushes your intellectual limits and motivates you to analyse situations from various angles and think critically. Hence, a forum to explore your passions, hone your ideas, and develop yourself is exactly what MA Psychology colleges in Bhopal provide. The development of your mind and self can also have a significant influence on your personal and professional lives.

7) Access to Research and Academic Opportunities

Pursuing an MA degree can lead to more options if you have a preference for academics or research. Additionally, you must have an MA degree to be admitted to a Doctoral programme, where you can expand your knowledge and advance your profession through publications and research. The top private university in Bhopal will further prepare you for teaching posts or research scholarships, which enable you to meaningfully contribute to the academic community.

Final Words

We hope that this blog will help you to better appreciate how investing in an MA degree after a BA can help you realise your long-term goals. Furthermore, while choosing to pursue an MA degree will require time and financial sacrifices, the long-term advantages can far exceed these costs. You can further position yourself as a lifelong learner by enrolling in courses at the MA colleges in Bhopal.


1. Is an MA degree beneficial for any specific industries?

Yes, you can find an MA degree to be quite beneficial in areas such as business, public administration, education, healthcare, and social sciences

2. Can the MA colleges in Bhopal help me develop transferable skills?

Yes, you can develop transferable leadership, communication, critical thinking, and research skills during your degree at the MA colleges in Bhopal.

3. Will earning an MA make me a more effective leader?

Coursework and hands-on training designed to develop leadership skills and get you ready for management roles are frequently included in MA degrees.

4. Can an MA degree prepare me for entrepreneurship options?

The MA colleges in Bhopal aim to help you become potential future entrepreneurs by equipping you with in-depth knowledge and analytical skills.

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