What Are The Advantages Of Taking A BPT Course?

Venturing into the healthcare field as a career step is the aim of millions of students. Multiple roads open to the healthcare arena; one such remarkable road is physiotherapy.

Today, the physiotherapy industry is hitting harder in the global market with a huge value of USD 15.25 by 2022. Due to its rehabilitation capacity, it has emerged as one of the top facets of the healthcare industry.

Wanna find a way to your career in physiotherapy? Then, it is time for you to pursue your BPT degree at the best BPT colleges in Mumbai or others.

Get to know the advantages of the BPT course via this article.

Glimpse into the Course – Bachelor of Physiotherapy:

The Bachelor of Physiotherapy course is the foundational course for a career in the physiotherapy healthcare industry. This course holds a great demand among the science stream students as around 29% of science students opt for the BPT course after the 12th. Find the BPT course details below.

What is BPT?

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) is an undergraduate-level course that educates students about physiotherapy treatments and prepares them in the field of rehabilitative practice and physiotherapy.

BPT course offers insight into the basic knowledge of the physical actions of the body and in-depth foundational knowledge for treating musculoskeletal issues post any traumatic experience, operative procedures, etc.

How Long is the Course?

Bachelor of Physiotherapy duration is 4 years with 8 semesters in total. Designed with theoretical and practical sessions, each semester holds a wide range of subjects that inculcate clear physiotherapy education to students.

Who is Eligible for the BPT Course?

BPT course eligibility at top colleges such as Terna Physiotherapy College, one of the best BPT colleges in Navi Mumbai is as follows:

  • Candidates should be a minimum of 17 years of age.
  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and biology as compulsory subjects at any recognized educational institution.
  • Candidates should have scored at least 50% aggregate marks in 10+2.

How is BPT Admission Provided?

Admission to BPT at the best Bachelor of Physiotherapy colleges in Mumbai and others is provided based on the applicant’s NEET score.

What are BPT Course Fees?

Bachelor of Physiotherapy average course fees at the best physiotherapy colleges in Maharashtra and other states is around INR 1.5 LPA to INR 4 LPA in general while at Terna Physiotherapy college, it is INR 1.72 LPA.

With clarity on the BPT course offered at renowned physiotherapy colleges in Navi Mumbai and others, let us get to know its advantages.

Advantages of Pursuing a BPT course:

Pursuing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the best BPT colleges in Mumbai such as Terna Physiotherapy College unlocks a wide range of benefits for students which are left below for you to know.

Career Road into the Healthcare Industry:

As we all know, any career in the healthcare industry is always in demand as the healthcare demands of the global population rise.

Pursuing BPT degrees at notable colleges such as Terna Physiotherapy College, one of the leading BPT colleges in Navi Mumbai, and others extends a career in the healthcare industry. This is considered one of the prime advantages of pursuing BPT.

Career in progressing healthcare facet:

There is a growing demand for physiotherapists globally. As the population ages and the importance of preventive healthcare is recognized, the need for physiotherapists is expected to continue increasing. This is a great sign of the physiotherapy sector’s growth.

By the year 2022, the global physiotherapy market will be valued at USD 121.9 billion and is expected to grow further at a CAGR of 4.0% within 2032 by extending graduates with notable career opportunities after BPT at renowned BPT colleges in Mumbai and others.

Diverse Working Environment:

Physiotherapists can work in diverse environments with different patient populations, including orthopaedics, neurology, paediatrics, sports, and geriatrics. This variety allows individuals to choose a speciality that aligns with their interests.

Notable Career Opportunities:

Pursuing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy unfolds a wide range of notable career opportunities in a wide range of industry verticals such as Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centres, Clinics, Orthopaedic Centres, Sports authorities and Management, etc.

Here are the prominent job opportunities after BPT:


Job Roles for BPT Average Salary in INR
Sports Physio Rehabilitator 5,00,000
Physiotherapist 4,00,000
Osteopath 2,50,000
Chiropractor 3,00,000
Health Service Manager 5,00,000
Lecturer 5,50,000

Decent Pay Scale Jobs:

BPT graduates are hired for decent pay scale jobs compared to various other healthcare professionals. As per data, around 72% of physiotherapy graduates find great career prospects with an average salary of around INR 7 LPA.

Global Recognition:

A degree in physiotherapy is internationally recognized, providing opportunities for professionals to work in different countries and contribute to global healthcare.

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, physiotherapy is the 3rd best job in the healthcare industry. Don’t you find this a great sign of BPT scope abroad?

The physiotherapy market is globally spread impeccably with North America standing first as it extends a great career pool for physiotherapists.

All these features of Bachelor of Physiotherapy make it one of the best career choices for students after their 12th grade.

BPT graduates after completing their degree can further pursue higher studies by studying Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) courses at the best physiotherapy colleges in Navi Mumbai and other places.


Wrapping it up, it is very clear that the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course pursued at the best BPT colleges in Mumbai and others holds a great level of advantages in terms of a career in the healthcare industry. Choosing BPT can be a wiser decision for science stream students after the 12th.


1) What are the benefits of the BPT course?

  • Career in the healthcare industry
  • A large number of career opportunities
  • Decent pay scale jobs
  • Jobs in both public and private healthcare sectors/.

2) What is the highest package of BPT?

The highest salary after BPT is around INR 22 LPA and it can be increased by taking up an MPT course.

3) What is the scope of BPT in the future?

As rehabilitation and recovery are mandatory in the healthcare industry, the demand for physiotherapy is never-ending, and so is the scope for BPT in the future.

4) Which field is best after BPT?

The sports rehabilitation field is the best after BPT as it holds great value for physiotherapists and offers a higher pay scale.

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