What color is the cashew chicken, what destiny is it suitable for, what day should it be fought?

Cashew chicken is one of the types of cocks used in exciting cockfighting matches today. So what are the characteristics of this breed of fighting cock and how to apply it while playing cockfighting? The article below is by Nhà Cái Hi88 will help bettors get an overview of this fighting cock line.

How to understand cashew chicken?

This is not a specific species of chicken, because this concept refers to species with red feathers mixed with many other colors. Most of them have red hair that is extremely shiny and beautiful. That’s why fighting cocks of this type all belong to the fire element. For those interested in feng shui, the characteristics of this animal cannot be ignored.

What are the colors of this chicken breed’s feathers?

Their fur will often have a mix of different colors such as blue, yellow, white, black… These colors also account for 50 to 60% of their fur, and are considered characteristic colors.

The red color on the feathers also represents luck, so many people choose it in competitions. Below are the basic colors on the feathers of this type of fighting cock for you to easily identify.


The dark blue color scheme is also considered the most prominent for these dogs cashew chicken. Overall, everyone will thought The fur is black but if you look closely, it is dark blue. The combination of blue and red feather colors creates a very different breed of chicken in competitions.

Yellow feathers

Chickens with dark yellow feathers are not too different from chickens with red and blue feathers. This yellow color will appear on the cock’s feathers and neck. The cock’s mane is dark yellow, almost red, so it is extremely prominent.

Cotton cashew chicken

The cotton cashew is also called the apricot cashew, with white speckled hairs appearing on its body. At first glance, many people will see the white feathers appearing speckled like cotton balls on the cock’s body.

Red feather thing

The red-feathered fighting cock breed is also considered quite common among fighting cocks today. The color of the neck and back as well as the wings of the cock are all red, which is also a characteristic to recognize.

Chicken with cashew feathers

The cockerel has umbrella feathers, which is understood to have orange-black feathers combined with the main umbrella color. The red color only accounts for a small part and is not too prominent, while their plumage and mane are purple.

Honey color

Cashew chicken Honey has fur that is quite dark compared to purple, often resembling a dark red plum. This is also the most visible feature of this type of fighting cock so that cockmasters can easily recognize it.

Find out the network of cashew chicken breeds by color

Depending on the main color of the body, we will know the suitable life of this fighting cock breed:


Chickens with green cashew feathers have the destiny of fire, so when they combine other colors, it will not change their destiny. Except in some cases, the main blue mixed with many other colors will have a big difference.

Like cashew cotton

The main color of chickens is white, most of them have many different fates. Accordingly, their destiny is average and not strong in any network, so they can be countered by other colors.

Yellow-legged chicken

The yellow-legged cashew-feathered chicken breed has bright red or honey-red feathers, which in the South are called cashew feathers. According to the cockfighters’ assessment, they will be under fire, and the color is also quite easy to recognize.

Which day is the easiest time to win in cashew cockfighting?

Many people are interested in what days cashew feather chicken should be used to win the most easily. Specifically:

The day should kick

This breed of chicken belongs to the fire element, so on days when the fire element is strong, it will be suitable for them to compete, including:

  • 2nd day: Dinh Mao and Binh Dan
  • Day 6: At Hoi and Giap Tuat.
  • Day 13: Mau Ty and Ky Suu.
  • Day 17: Dinh Dau and Binh Than.
  • Day 21: Giap Thin, At Ty
  • Day 28: Mau Ngo, Ky Mui.

What days should you not fight cashew cocks to avoid losing?

In addition to the days you should fight, you should also pay attention to the days you should not choose to fight this type of cock. Members should not choose this cock on Water days to compete so as not to lose:

  • Day 7: Binh Ty, Dinh Suu
  • Day 11: At Dau, Giap Tuat
  • Day 15: Nham Thin, Quy Ty
  • Day 22: Binh Ngo, Dinh Mui
  • Day 26: Giap Dan, At Mao
  • Day 27: Binh Thin, Dinh Ty
  • Day 30: At Dau, Quy Hoi

So, above is some information shared about the breed cashew chicken – one of the fighting cocks chosen by bettors. When you clearly understand your destiny as well as the appropriate match date, your members will Đá Gà Hi88 will always be favorable, avoiding errors. Wishing you all good luck when participating in cockfighting betting and choosing this type of cock during competition.

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