Tien Len Mien Nam online – The number 1 card game at Nn88

Tien Len Nam online is the current card playing trend of gamers. There is no need to go to casinos in remote places, you just need to have an internet-connected device on hand to freely participate in many dramatic and exciting card games. To play effectively, please refer to the following useful information updated by Nn88.

Rules for playing Southern Tien Len online that you need to know

Go ahead is a game quite familiar to bettors. The game has many types such as move to the North, the Central region, in which the South attracts the most players. Brief information about the rules of this game is as follows:

Enter the game

To start the game Tien Len Nam online, the cards will be carefully shuffled by the Dealer in front of everyone at the table. Then, 13 cards will be dealt to each person. In case the cards are dealt but someone does not own any cards in the deck, the cards will be collected and re-dealt.

In the first hand, whoever has the 3 of spades card has priority to play first and must play that card first. Can be played in singles, pairs or sets but must include the 3 of spades. From the next game onwards, the person who finished first in the previous game is the first to go.

Fighting round

Rounds in the game Tien Len Nam online is calculated counterclockwise. The next person must play a card of greater value than the previous person. In case there is no card to block, they are allowed to pass the turn and lose the right to play in that round. If no one on the table can block the first player’s card, they can continue with one card of their choice.

The decks of cards in the online Southern Tien Len game

According to the rules of this card game, the decks used include:

  • Junk cards: These are odd cards that are played one by one because they cannot combine with any other cards. When playing trash cards, the next player must block the previous player with a card of greater value.
  • Pair: Pair has 2 cards of the same number played together at the same time. When the first person makes a pair, the next person must also make a pair of greater value to crush.
  • Sam Co: This deck includes 2 cards of the same number. To overcome Sam Co, the next person must present a set of 3 cards with higher numerical value.
  • Straight: Straight has many cards, at least 3 and the numbers on the cards must be consecutive in ascending order. However, the straight set will not contain a 2 card. If anyone has a straight from 3 to A, it is called a dragon straight.

In addition to the decks above, the Southern Tien Len game also has other special sets that can be chopped to gain advantage. That is:

  • Pair of Pines: When you have at least 3 pairs of pines in a row, you can use them to chop your opponent. However, couples must be of the same color and quality, so they rarely appear.
  • Four of a kind: Includes 4 cards with the same number and 4 suits of spades, diamonds, hearts, and hearts. Four of a kind will bring great advantages to the owner.

How strict and rotten are the rules for Tien Len in the South?

In the card game Tien Len Nam online Players need to pay attention to the chop and rot rules before starting to play. According to the law, the penalty for rotting a pig is as much as the penalty for chopping the pig. The rules are as follows when calculating by bet:

  • If it is 2 black, the penalty is ½ bet
  • Red pig is fined 1 bet
  • 3 pairs of regular bets cost 1.5 bets
  • Four quarters penalty 2 bets
  • 4 pairs of regular bets cost 2.5 bets

If calculating points, the rules are as follows:

  • Pig of spades penalized 1 point
  • Penalty for piggybacking is 2 points
  • Penalty: 3 points
  • Boar is fined 4 points
  • Other rows such as 3 pairs of pine, four of a kind, 4 pairs of pine are penalized with 4 points.

When a player puts the pig or row at the end but someone cuts it, that person will not be punished or rewarded.

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Experience playing Tien Len Southern online unbeaten

There are many ways for players to win in the game Tien Len Southern. However, in each case, the situation is different, bettors need to come up with appropriate strategies.

Split your opponent’s cards

If you see that you have many odd cards in your hand that cannot be arranged into sets, then tear apart your opponent’s cards like yourself. By playing cross sets of 3 4 5 6 or 8 9 10 J. Usually, when the first game is like releasing all the cross sets, it will end very quickly. If the opponent uses this method, the whole village will be afraid and they will quickly tear their clothes into diagonal pieces to block it. So your goal has been successful.

Remember the last post

With anyone on the table, when playing cards, you must observe and remember. This will help bettors compare their cards to see which card to play and which card to keep. For example, when there is a cross of 3 or more cards and there is an A heart, you will get the bet. If you only have A cards, you have to pay attention to when your opponent shows A hearts and A diamonds before winning.

Sometimes you also have to calculate whether the opponent’s larger A piece can exist in a set of 3 to cut you down. Each card only has 4 suits. If you see 3 Ks or 3 Qs already out and you are holding 1 K, 1Q, your set of 3 will definitely win.

When the hand doesn’t have 2

Where to play Tien Len Nam online There is no 2 in the card, which probably makes many people worried. However, as long as you have the biggest A in your hand and the whole village hasn’t played any 2s yet. The way to play is to pretend you’re holding four of a kind or three pairs of pine, don’t block any pair or diagonal set from the opponent, just play each card individually and then increase it.

For example, if you are starting from 10, block it completely with an A, this makes others think you are trying to wait for time to cut 2. From there they will be trapped without a good playing strategy.

Playing card Tien Len Nam online is no longer strange to today’s bettors. Online card playing is not only convenient, fast but also very safe. Especially when playing at You will experience many other attractive card game genres.

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