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Tianlong’s GeneFlex: Spearheading Innovations in Nucleic Acid Extraction

Tianlong‘s commitment to advancing molecular diagnostics is exemplified by its GeneFlex system, a model of excellence in nucleic acid extraction. This award-winning system is engineered to provide unmatched flexibility and efficiency, making it a vital tool for laboratories focused on enhancing their diagnostic capabilities.

Configurable Throughput Meets Diverse Needs

GeneFlex distinguishes itself with the ability to tailor its operations to meet specific laboratory requirements. Its modular system can be configured for 16 x n throughputs, allowing multiple extractions to proceed without interference, thus optimizing workflow and maximizing productivity.

Streamlined Laboratory Workflows through Automation

The integration of advanced automation technologies in GeneFlex facilitates a seamless operational flow. This includes automatic recognition of reagent protocols and adjustments in mixing sleeves, which streamline the extraction process and ensure high standards of accuracy and reproducibility in results.

Mobility for On-Site Testing Flexibility

One of the most compelling features of the GeneFlex system is its mobility. Equipped with the necessary power adaptability, GeneFlex can operate in a range of environments, from conventional labs to remote areas. This flexibility ensures that reliable and efficient nucleic acid extraction is accessible wherever it is needed, making GeneFlex an excellent choice for varied testing scenarios.


Through its innovative design and functional adaptability, Tianlong’s GeneFlex is setting new benchmarks in the field of nucleic acid extraction. As it facilitates more efficient and flexible laboratory operations, GeneFlex remains a critical tool in the global pursuit of advanced molecular diagnostics.

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