Simple and easy to understand way to read soccer odds at online bookmaker Okvip

Today’s article will guide newcomers How to read soccer odds from A – Z at the bookmaker https://okvip.training/. This is considered the basic thing to help bettors be able to bet and analyze information accurately. Detailed information will be shared below.

Instructions on how to read Asian football odds at reputable bookmaker Okvip

Currently, the leading bookmaker Okvip offers a variety of attractive soccer bets. Typically, Asian handicap is loved by many sports betting experts. Depending on the ratio, there will be different readings, specifically as follows:

Ball odds at bookmaker Okvip

The same ball bet is also known by another name as 0 bet. The player’s task when participating is to predict the winning team. There are 3 cases in ball handicap betting, including:

  • The upper bet wins: The person who bets on this bet will win all the money, the person who chooses the lower bet will have to lose everything.
  • Upper bet loses: The person who bets on this bet loses all their money and the person who chooses the lower bet wins everything.
  • The match ends with a draw: The system will refund the money to the participants.

The bet is half lost at bookmaker Okvip

Half handicap is also known as ½ handicap, often appears when there is a difference in level between the two teams but not much. How to read soccer oddsThis is not too difficult to understand, specifically:

  • The favorite team wins – The person who chooses this team will be rewarded according to regulations. If before that, you bet on the lower team to win, it means you will lose all the money you bet.
  • The upper bet team loses – The player who chooses the upper bet will win all the money, placing the lower bet must lose all the initial capital.

Handicap 2.5 at bookmaker Okvip

If you are a longtime soccer betting fan at an online bookmaker Okvip Surely everyone has heard of the 2.5 handicap. For this type of bet, the upper team will handicap the lower team by 2.5 goals. Although it does not appear much in the system, it is of great interest.

If you want to win, the handicap team must win by 3 goals. If you lose and draw, you will not be able to win the bonus. How to read soccer odds Handicap 2.5 goals will be updated below:

  • The upper team wins by 3 goals or more: The person who chooses the handicap team has enough money, the person who chooses the lower team loses enough.
  • The upper team scores less than 3 goals: The person who chooses the handicap team loses everything, the person who chooses the lower team wins the bet.
  • Result of the upper team losing or 2 teams drawing: Bet on the handicap team to lose enough, betting on the lower team will receive a reward.

Instructions for new players on how to read European football odds at bookmaker Okvip simply

European Handicap is probably no longer strange to professional soccer bettors. At the system Okvip will update this bet type with the symbol 1×2. When participating, you do not need to care about the number of wins and losses in the match.
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Instead, pay attention to analyzing important information about the home and away teams. At the same time, make predictions with 3 results: Win – Lose – Draw. How to read soccer odds with the easy-to-understand 1×2 formula as follows:

  • 1 – Home team: If the home team wins, the person who bets on this bet also wins.
  • X – Draw: Brothers win the bet when the match ends in a tie.
  • 2 – Away team: If the away team wins the match, the person who chooses this door will receive a reward.

In general, reading European bets is too simple, right? When experiencing this form of betting at international bookmakers Okvip, new players need to understand the basic rules. At the same time, try to analyze the ratio to make a reasonable judgment.

Instructing you how to read over/under football odds at bookmaker Okvip effectively

Football over/under bets are also known as O/U bets. It is not difficult for you to find this form in the sports betting section Okvip. Featured with How to read soccer odds Simple over/under with high chance of winning big.

Specifically, odds analysis experts will provide clear odds on the system. The participant’s task is to rely on that to determine whether the goal is greater or less than that value. Just pay attention to the final goal total of the match.

For Over, the total number of goals scored is greater than the odds updated by the house. On the contrary, the under has a lower total number of goals at the given rate. When your prediction is correct with the final result of the match, you will receive a reward.


How to read soccer odds at a quality bookmaker Okvip Just been guided through the article. Please understand this information to have an effective betting platform when participating. Don’t forget to refer to more useful knowledge at Okvip Please!

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