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MJS Trading Limited: Your Trusted Source for Quality Numbing Cream

When it comes to sourcing numbing cream and pain numbing cream for medical procedures, one name stands out: MJS Trading Limited. With a commitment to authenticity, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service, MJS Trading Limited has established itself as a reliable wholesale supplier in the medical aesthetic industry.

Understanding Numbing Cream

Numbing cream, also known as pain numbing cream, is a topical anesthetic used to alleviate discomfort before various cosmetic or medical procedures. It works by numbing the targeted area, thus reducing or eliminating pain sensations during the procedure. At MJS Trading Limited, they understand the importance of providing effective numbing cream solutions to ensure a comfortable experience for both practitioners and patients alike.

Product Offerings

  1. Numbing Cream 30.g: Priced affordably at $6.90, this numbing cream is a go-to choice for many professionals. It contains a mixture of lidocaine 2.5% with prilocaine 2.5%, ensuring fast and effective pain relief. The cream’s white texture and easy application make it a convenient option for various procedures.
  2. VEL Lido (Lidocaine 10.56): Priced competitively at $26.50, this numbing cream packs a punch with its high lidocaine concentration of 10.56%. It’s a preferred choice for procedures requiring deeper numbing effects or for patients with higher pain sensitivity.
  3. Numbing Cream VEL.LIDO 500g: Another offering priced at $26.50, this numbing cream comes in a larger 500g capacity, ideal for practices with high procedural volume. Its formulation ensures effective pain relief while its larger size provides cost-effectiveness for frequent usage.

Advantages of Choosing MJS Trading Limited

Authenticity and Quality: With a commitment to delivering 100% authentic products sourced directly from reputable manufacturers, MJS Trading Limited ensures peace of mind for practitioners and patients alike.

Competitive Pricing: Their competitive pricing ensures accessibility without compromising on quality, making them a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes.

Fast and Reliable Shipping: MJS Trading Limited prioritizes prompt delivery, ensuring that essential supplies reach their destination in a timely manner.


In conclusion, MJS Trading Limited emerges as a leading supplier of numbing cream and other medical aesthetic products, offering a winning combination of quality, affordability, and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a budding entrepreneur in the medical aesthetics industry, MJS Trading Limited is your trusted partner for all your supply needs.

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