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Megarevo MPS Hybrid Inverter: Revolutionizing Microgrid Solutions with Solar Battery Charging

The Megarevo MPS series hybrid inverters are at the forefront of microgrid technology, offering innovative solutions for off-grid and weak-grid environments. Designed with integrated PV controllers and energy storage converters, this hybrid inverter with solar battery charging seamlessly incorporate solar battery charging capabilities, making them ideal for remote areas and islands with limited access to reliable power infrastructure.

Safe and Reliable

Megarevo’s commitment to safety and reliability is evident in the MPS hybrid inverters. These inverters have undergone rigorous certification tests, including EN62109-1/-2, EN62477-1, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, South Africa NRS097-2-1:2017, Pakistan & India IEC61727, IEC62116, and IEC 61683. With these certifications, users can trust in the performance and safety of Megarevo’s hybrid inverters.

Flexible Configuration

The versatility of the MPS hybrid inverters allows for flexible configuration options. With support for PV, diesel generators, batteries, and loads, these inverters offer unmatched adaptability. Whether in remote villages or industrial complexes, users can configure the inverters to meet their specific energy needs. Additionally, support for black start and various working modes further enhances their versatility.

Convenient Operation and Maintenance

Megarevo prioritizes user convenience with the MPS hybrid inverters. Equipped with an HMI digital display panel, operators can easily monitor equipment status and health, facilitating efficient management. Moreover, support for unattended operation and integration with cloud-based Energy Management Systems (EMS) enables remote monitoring and management, ensuring seamless operation and maintenance.


In conclusion, the Megarevo MPS hybrid inverter with solar battery charging is leading the way in microgrid solutions with their innovative design and solar battery charging capabilities. Whether powering remote communities or industrial facilities, these inverters offer unmatched reliability, safety, and convenience. Trust Megarevo to deliver cutting-edge hybrid inverters tailored to your specific needs. Contact Megarevo today to learn more about the MPS series and how it can revolutionize microgrid projects.

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