Maestro, VISA, and AmEx – Why Should Business Have Varied Payment Options?

No matter what kind of digital business you have, offering customers a number of different ways to browse and purchase your products is essential. Convenience and accessibility are at the heart of the internet, and modern platforms are user-centric and designed to make things as easy to use as possible.

If you are selling products online, whether it’s clothes, food, or casino games, it’s vital that you offer customers a range of different ways in which to pay or deposit funds. Let’s take a closer look at why exactly this is so important. Read on to find out more.

Boost Your Conversion Rate

Attracting customers to your platform is one thing, getting them to actually part with their hard-earned cash is another. The process of converting a visitor into a customer is incredibly tricky, but it’s something all digital business owners must master if they want any chance of long-term success.

If a customer visits your platform and spots a particular product or service they are interested in purchasing, they may well move ahead to the next step and click through to your checkout or deposit system. However, if they reach this stage and then realise that their preferred payment method isn’t listed as an option, their next likely step is to leave your platform and give their business to one of your direct competitors.

Losing a potential sale is never good, and this won’t just be a one-off. Unless you include additional payment options you will likely see more failed conversions as customers opt for a rival with more available options.

What About Casino Platforms?

What we’ve discussed so far applies to all kinds of digital businesses. However, online casinos need to take extra things into consideration when looking to add additional payment options.

Player security is extremely important in the online gambling industry. As an operator, if your platform or players were to fall victim to cybercrime, your brand image could be seriously damaged and you could even face legal repercussions. There are a number of security procedures you can put in place to protect your platform, but often one of the most effective approaches is to offer the right kind of payment options.

While casinos accepting Maestro payment method have been around for some time, we’re starting to see more and more online casinos offer options for e-wallets and even crypto payments, which offer higher levels of safety, security, and anonymity.

Brand Reputation

Your brand’s image and reputation is incredibly important. How consumers perceive your business will determine how likely they are to buy your products and recommend your services to friends and family.

One of the first things offering multiple payment options does is make your brand seem more authentic and legitimate. Fraudulent platforms will often offer a very limited selection of payment methods, sometimes just bank transfers. This makes it easier for them to commit their crimes undetected.

However, people are becoming more and more aware of this tactic, and will now actively avoid platforms with limited payment options. Customers don’t want to feel forced into a particular choice or course of action, this is a massive red flag that could indicate that something is a scam.

Offering customers various payment options will help assure them that your platform is safe and secure.

Attract More Customers

As a business, attracting as many people to your platform as possible should be your top priority. While you will no doubt have a target customer in mind, there’s no harm in bringing in people from outside of your intended demographic.

The internet has made it easier than ever for businesses to reach customers. However, it has levelled the playing field, which means it’s also easier for your rivals to reach consumers. What this means is that you need to be doing everything you can to set your business apart and demonstrate why customers should come to you instead of your competitors.

By adding options for emerging payment methods such as e-wallets and cryptocurrency, you will make your business a far more attractive option for people who use these methods, even if they are not necessarily part of your target demographic.

What’s more, by integrating new payment methods, you will demonstrate that your business is modern and forward-thinking, which should stand it in good stead as our lives become more interlinked with digital technology.


Whether it’s Maestro, Visa, AmEx, e-wallets, or crypto, all businesses must offer customers multiple payment options. Doing so can help improve brand image, boost conversions, and attract more customers to your platform.

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