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Introducing the Empstorm EM-11D Programmable Coffee Maker

Embrace simplicity and eco-consciousness with the Empstorm Programmable Coffee Maker EM-11D, a multifaceted coffee maker with reusable filter. Engineered for convenience, the dishwasher-safe funnel and glass carafe streamline the cleaning process, ensuring a hassle-free brewing experience every time. With its 12-cup capacity, this thermal coffee maker is tailored for families or gatherings, offering the perfect solution for your daily caffeine needs.

Effortless Maintenance with Reusable Components

The EM-11D Programmable Coffee Maker boasts a reusable filter that eliminates the necessity for disposable filters, minimizing waste and preserving your budget over time. The dishwasher-safe funnel and glass carafe facilitate easy cleaning, preserving the freshness and integrity of your coffee without any lingering residue affecting its flavor. Simply rinse with cold water prior to brewing for a seamless and efficient coffee-making ritual.

Generous Capacity for Every Occasion

Featuring a 12-cup capacity, the EM-11D Programmable Coffee Maker caters to households or events where coffee consumption is a constant. With its transparent water window and 60oz non-porous borosilicate glass carafe, you’re assured of a plentiful supply of coffee at all times. From morning energizers to evening gatherings, this drip coffee maker is engineered to satiate your coffee cravings regardless of the time.

Sustainable and Sleek Design

Crafted with sustainability at its core, the EM-11D Programmable Coffee Maker marries functionality with an elegant design that harmonizes with any kitchen aesthetic. The reusable filter reduces environmental footprint, while the premium materials employed in its construction guarantee resilience and durability. Indulge in the perfect cup of coffee with confidence, knowing that your brewing process is both environmentally responsible and efficient.


Immerse yourself in the convenience and eco-friendliness of the Empstorm Programmable Coffee Maker EM-11D, a versatile coffee maker with a reusable filter that prioritizes ease of use and environmental consciousness. With features like effortless maintenance, ample brewing capacity, and a sustainable design, the EM-11D stands as the ultimate choice for coffee aficionados seeking a dependable and stylish coffee maker for daily use. Elevate your coffee experience with the EM-11D and relish in delectable, environmentally friendly coffee brewed to perfection.

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