Handicap rules in cockfighting Jun88 need to know

Live cockfighting is increasingly becoming a form of entertainment loved by many people because of the attraction and tension in every moment. However, not everyone can clearly understand the handicap rules in online cockfighting. So this article’s Nhà Cái Jun88 will answer the handicap rules in cockfighting and the basic cockfighting rules that bettors need to know.

Handicap rules in cockfighting What is that?

Learn about handicap rules in cockfighting

In cockfighting matches, not all participating cocks have the same weight. This can lead to injustice and affect the outcome of the match. Therefore, cockfighting rules were introduced to ensure fairness for lighter or heavier cocks. This handicap rule is similar to the soccer handicap.

The general purpose of handicap rules in cockfighting is to ensure equality between two opponents. Therefore, the application of cockfighting rules will be agreed upon by the cock owner and the player. This helps ensure both are satisfied with the handicap and avoid unnecessary arguments after the match ends.

In addition to weight regulations, cockfighting laws also have many other provisions such as regulations on the size and age of chickens, regulations on how to choose chickens and health check procedures before fighting. All of these regulations are intended to ensure fairness and safety for the chickens participating in the fight.

However, the application of cockfighting laws also needs to be done properly and with close supervision from the authorities. This helps ensure transparency and avoid cases of taking advantage of cockfighting laws to cheat or hurt the cocks.

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Basic handicaps in live cockfighting

In the North, the handicap is usually calculated based on the number of winning chickens, while in the South, the winner will be determined based on the winning bet amount. In addition, there are other regulations such as competition time, scoring and how to evaluate the winning or losing teams. Therefore, when participating in cockfighting betting, it is extremely important to understand the cockfighting handicap rules of each region.

Handicap rules in cockfighting – Handicap

The scoring method is applied by many cockers and referees

Despite its small size, the bantam chicken is loved for its brave personality and endurance in combat. However, the difference between chickens in the same breed is very significant. Normally, bantam chickens with a difference of 30 flowers or more will easily cause arguments and disputes between owners. To solve this problem, a fairly simple acceptance system was introduced.

Accordingly, the minimum bet for a bantam is from the 30 flower mark, which is a ratio of 1:8. In cockfighting terminology, this ratio is also known as “fighting 8”. That means, if the difference between two bantams is 30 flowers, the one with the lower number of flowers will be accepted 8 places. And every time you increase 10 flowers, it will be equivalent to accepting 1 more level. For example, if the difference between two bantams is 40 flowers, then the one with the lower number of flowers will be accepted 7 steps or 1 tree above.

However, if the difference between two bantams is too large, for example a difference of 1 dot 1 tael, then it will be up to the two owners to agree whether to fight or not. This means that, if the difference between two bantams is too large, people will not apply the acceptance system but will let the two parties negotiate and decide whether to fight or not.

Handicap rules in cockfighting – Handicap

Today, there are still some localities that apply handicap in cockfights. The bantam handicap will be applied when the difference between the two chickens is over 40g. If the difference is from 40g to less than 80g, you will be handicapped by 1 cock. In case the difference is 80g or more, 2 cocks will be accepted. In addition, if the difference between two chickens is an odd amount such as 50g, 60g, 70g… then it will be counted as a handicap bet. For example, if a member’s cock weighs 1kg500g, and a competitor’s cock weighs 1kg450g, there will be a difference of 50g. Therefore, members will accept 1 chicken stick with a weight of 40g and 1 silver stick with a weight of 10g.

Handicap laws are no longer very popular today

For feather chicken handicap, the calculation will be similar but the quantity will be different. If the difference between two chickens is over 50g, it will be considered a handicap bet. In case the difference is 100g or more, it will be considered a handicap bet of 2 chickens.

However, handicapping based on the cock having more weight will be uneven and can cause unfairness in matches. Therefore, currently many localities and cockfighting arenas no longer apply this form to ensure fairness for cockfights.


Above are the basic cockfighting handicap rules for membersJun88 can refer. DealerJun88 Wishing bettors to have interesting entertainment experiences when participating in online cockfighting.

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