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Ensure Food Safety with Easyweigh’s China Food X-Ray Machine

This state-of-the-art China x ray machine food safety utilizes advanced technology to detect contaminants such as bone, plastics, glass, ceramic, and metal in the food industry. With a focus on accuracy and stability, Easyweigh’s x-ray inspection system enhances product quality across various sectors, including Agricultural Products Processing, Food Processing, and Pharmaceuticals.

Advanced Contaminant Detection

Easyweigh’s China Food X-Ray Machine offers exceptional accuracy in identifying contaminants like bone, plastics, and ceramics, ensuring the safety and integrity of food products. By employing penetrating capabilities, this x-ray inspection system plays a crucial role in improving product quality and compliance with food safety standards. Benefit from reliable foreign body detection with Easyweigh’s cutting-edge technology.

Versatile Application and User-Friendly Design

This versatile x-ray inspection system is suitable for inspecting a wide range of loose and unpackaged products, including nuts, coffee, flour, candies, capsules, tablets, and more. With features such as a 17-inch full-colored touch screen, an intuitive operation interface, and customizable rejection systems, Easyweigh‘s China Food X-Ray Machine offers a user-friendly design tailored for efficient and effective food safety inspections.


Enhance the safety and integrity of your food supply chain with Easyweigh’s China Food X-Ray Machine, designed to meet the highest standards of food safety and contamination detection. Trust Easyweigh for advanced technology, versatile application, and user-friendly design in x-ray food inspection systems. Choose Easyweigh for customizable solutions, exceptional accuracy, and peace of mind in ensuring food safety. Experience the reliability and efficiency of Easyweigh’s x-ray inspection system for uncompromised quality control in the food industry.

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