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Chromatic Brilliance: Unleashing Captivating Lighting Effects with Light Sky’s Mamba

Light Sky presents the Mamba, an impressive 12-LED light bar that brings brilliance and versatility to your lighting setup. Designed with a unique optical configuration, the Mamba offers a zoom range of 3.6° to 53°, making it an ideal choice for entertainment, television, and events. With its compact structure, aluminum alloy, and engineering plastic shell, the Mamba delivers vibrant colors and dynamic lighting effects, providing a captivating atmosphere for any occasion.

Powerful LED Chip and Wide Zoom Range

The Mamba RGB bar light boasts 12*40W LED chips RGBW 4 in 1, offering the option of RGBL illumination. These powerful LED chips ensure exceptional brightness and color options, allowing you to create captivating lighting displays. The Mamba’s wide zoom range, spanning from 3.6 degrees to 53 degrees, provides flexibility in achieving focused beams or broad washes of light, ensuring optimal control over your lighting design.

Color Temperature and Dynamic Lighting Effects

Experience the versatility of the Mamba series linear LED light bars, capable of achieving a luminance of 18460 lux at 5 meters (RGBW) and 1300 lux at 5 meters (RGBL). With a color temperature range of 2200K to 8000K, the Mamba RGB par light offers a broad spectrum of hues to suit any ambiance.

Flexible Control and Intuitive Interface

The Mamba series RGB PAR light provides flexible control options, allowing you to vary colors and effects individually. With support for DMX512, RDM, and ART-NET control protocols, seamless integration into your existing lighting setup is effortless. The light bar is equipped with an intuitive LCD lattice screen, providing easy access to control parameters, enabling you to adjust settings and create captivating lighting displays with ease.

Reliable Performance and Intelligent Design

Light Sky’s Mamba light bar is built to deliver reliable performance even in demanding professional environments. Its aluminum alloy and engineering plastic shell ensure durability and protection while the intelligent temperature control system ensures a long lifespan for the LEDs.


Light Sky’s Mamba 12-LED light bar provides a powerful lighting solution that delivers dynamic lighting effects and vibrant colors. With its powerful LED chip, wide zoom range, and flexible control options, the Mamba enables you to create captivating lighting displays for entertainment, television, and events. Its reliable performance, intelligent design, and easy installation make it a valuable addition to any lighting setup.

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