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A Decade of Excellence: APT Medical’s Pioneering Journey in Medical Device Manufacturing

Founded in 2002 in Shenzhen, China, APT Medical has emerged as a leader in the industry, with its first 10 years marked by a series of significant milestones and achievements. This blog takes you through the inspiring journey of APT Medical during its formative years, highlighting key moments that have contributed to its status as one of the best medical device manufacturers on the market.

2002: Inception in Shenzhen

The story begins in 2002 when APT Medical was founded in the bustling city of Shenzhen. With a vision to make a meaningful impact in the field of medical device manufacturing, the company set out on a journey marked by innovation, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.

2006: Establishment of Hunan APT R&D Center and First NMPA Certificate for EP Catheters

Just four years into its existence, APT Medical took a significant step forward by establishing the Hunan APT R&D Center in 2006. This center became a hub for innovation, research, and development, solidifying APT Medical’s commitment to advancing medical technology. Notably, this year also marked a milestone with the acquisition of the first NMPA (National Medical Products Administration)certificate for EP (Electrophysiology) catheters, showcasing the company’s early prowess in regulatory compliance and product quality.

2008: NMPA Certificate for Ablation Catheter

In 2008, APT Medical continued its trajectory of success by securing another NMPA certificate, this time for Ablation catheters. This achievement reflected the company’s dedication to expanding its product portfolio and providing healthcare professionals with a comprehensive range of reliable medical devices for various applications.

2011: CE Mark for EP Catheter

The year 2011 marked a significant leap for APT Medical onto the global stage. The company achieved the prestigious CE (Conformité Européene) mark for its EP catheters, signaling compliance with European Union standards for safety and performance. This certification not only opened doors to the European market but also positioned APT Medical as a player capable of meeting and exceeding international regulatory requirements.


APT Medical’s first 10 years are a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and global impact. From its inception in Shenzhen to the establishment of the Hunan APT R&D Center and the attainment of crucial certifications, APT Medical’s journey showcases a pioneering spirit that has positioned it as one of the best medical device manufacturers in the industry. As the company continues to evolve, its dedication to advancing healthcare through reliable products promises a future marked by continued success and innovation.

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