Among all types of soccer bets, corner kick over/under bets tend to be chosen by many people. Because when choosing this type of bet, you do not need to care about which team wins or the number of goals scored, but only care about how many corner kicks are kicked in the match. It sounds simple, but you must have a lot of experience when choosing this bet. That’s why today new889 blue I will send you the most effective corner kick over/under playing experience in the article below.

Experience in playing over/under in soccer betting

Differences in Strength and Weakness

One team will play offense and one team will play defense, leading to a high probability of creating corner kicks. Most likely:

  • Strong teams will rarely receive corner kicks on their home field.
  • Weak teams will take many corners and are more likely to concede a goal right after a corner kick.
  • In the second half, if the stronger attacking team does not finish, they will probably apply more pressure and try harder to finish.
  • Stronger teams will often field more attacking players to get a goal, which means there will likely be more corner kicks.

The Weaker Team plays at home

If the weaker team is playing at home then there is a chance that team will get a few corners, the first ten minutes of a football match is always a bit exciting. The weaker team sees the ten minutes first and foremost as an opportunity to put pressure on the stronger team because they have a lot of confidence from the start. Then they could score first or get some assists in the first 15 minutes. As the match progresses, they will likely get fewer and fewer angles.

The Stronger Team is playing at home

The home team is stronger with the encouragement of the audience and wants to score many goals, so expect their team to put pressure on the away team from the start. You can expect a higher frequency of corners to occur, especially for homeowners

Two teams Play defense Or attack

Obviously two attacking teams playing against each other will create more angles than two defensive teams playing against each other but when you have a defensive team playing against an attacking team you can expect to see more angles.

Weather Conditions

Is there rain and wind? You’ll see more angles if it’s hot, dry and sunny. A wet field means the ball moves irregularly and leaves the field more easily. Also participants slide more and the ball touches them. The goalkeeper sometimes drops the ball due to slippage and the defenders have to kick it out to an angle.

Choose when to bet

Bet when the match has already taken place, but absolutely do not bet before the match. Only in case the player chooses the corner kick bet first, it is necessary to bet first. According to experts, participants should not choose to bet before the match because the match will have many unpredictable developments. If you choose to bet first, participants will not be able to anticipate situations and make wrong decisions.

Bet on big football matches

Choose to participate in corner kick betting in big football matches, with a large number of betting participants, the performance of the two teams playing that day must be equal. Only solving this will help bring you the highest rewards.

Regularly update information

Regularly update information about the match, observe the tactics of both teams. If any team has a strong attack, there will certainly be many corner kick situations.

In case the two teams are equal in strength, bet on the total corner kick being higher than the handicap set by the house.

Please analyze detailed information about the team you want to bet on. This can help you judge and choose the most accurate bet. Absolutely do not play soccer betting based on luck because this is the shortest ticket that will take you to the road of debt.

Always keep your mind alert

When betting on soccer, you must always keep your mind open to observe and speculate on the match. If you are in a bad mood that day, you should not play. Come back the next day when you feel ready. Every day there are hundreds of big and small matches happening so you don’t need to worry about running out of opportunities to fight.


Above is the sharing of  New88 about the experience of betting on over/under corner kicks. Hopefully these experiences will bring you victory in the coming seasons. Please analyze detailed information about the team you want to bet on. This can help you predict and choose the most accurate bet.

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