What is dumb head & prediction tips to find the luckiest numbers today

What is mute head? And how to predict the luckiest pair of numbers today? This is always a hot topic that newbies are interested in with the desire to earn all the above bonuses Nhà Cái Hi88. To clearly understand this term and find effective playing strategies, please follow along right the following content.

Learn about what the term mute head is

Dumb head is a familiar term in Northern lottery playing. If you wonder What is mute head? then it is simply numbers that do not appear in the lottery results table that day. For example, in today’s XSMB prize pool, if there is no 9 in the tens, it will be called a dumb head.

In addition, the Northern lottery also has a silent ending. These are the numbers in the units row that do not appear in the Northern lottery results table. This is also a way to play that many people choose because the probability of winning is quite high.

What is the way to play mute head?

Playing mute head is understood as memorizing numbers that do not appear in the XSMB results table. Players will rely on this to filter, eliminate “junk” numbers and find the pair of lots with the highest probability of winning.

When researching What is mute head? You will see the 3 most popular forms of play as follows:

  • Head 1 is mute: According to the experience of the above expertsHi88 If today’s lottery results have a silent 1 Y, then the next day will bet and raise the pair 0Y – Y0 and YY. The smaller the Y number, the higher the probability of winning.
  • 2 heads: If today’s result has 2 silent heads, X and Z, then the player should betX0 – XX – Z0 -ZZ – YZ – ZY.
  • 3 mute numbers: If today’s XXSMB results have numbers A, B and C, then next day you should play the number pair AB – BC – AC – CA – BA.

What number should a dumb head bet on today?

When you understand clearly What is mute head? You will easily find your lucky number. From the numbers tens corresponding to the dumb end from 0 to 9, the above lottery playersHi88 You can refer to the following suggestions:

  • The dumb player 0 plays numbers 04, 05, 60 and 91.
  • Head 1 plays numbers 01, 10, 15 and number 17 has a high chance of winning.
  • With children 2 results What is mute head? Play numbers 02, 12, 22, 45 and 92.
  • For 3 dumb numbers, play 03, 34, 37 and add 39.
  • With number 4, playing 40, 44, 56 and 94 has a very high probability of winning.
  • Number 5 can safely hit numbers 05, 45, 56 and 95.
  • Dumb head 6 raises pairs 06, 16, 46 and an additional pair 78.
  • Number 7 fights and raises the number 07, 45, 74 and number 77 for 3 days.
  • The 8 is paired with 08, 80 and 83, 85 plus 99 to win the most.
  • Regarding the number 9, please refer to 09, 90, 35, 97 and 98.

What is the experience of dumb heading?

Besides understanding the concept, learning how to play the lottery effectively is also a topic that many people are interested in. If you are new to the lottery, don’t miss some great experiences summarized below:

Feed the frame for 3 days

Raising frames for 3 days is one of the simplest and most effective ways to play with the least investment costs. You just need to choose the pair of numbers with the highest chance of winning and then raise them within the next 3 days. During those 3 days, if you place a bet at the ratio of 1:3:10, you will definitely win big.

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Raise the dumb lotus for 5 days

This way of playing is similar to farming the 3-day frame, but the money-in rate will be different. According to the experience of people who often win big, you should raise the frame in a ratio of 1:2:4:8:20. The accuracy of this method is up to 80%, so many people trust it.

What is dumb early betting?

Double betting when raising lotteries is also an effective playing strategy. Especially when won, it will bring extremely attractive bonuses. Specifically, you should choose 3 – 5 of the most beautiful fish to raise with the most reasonable double bet ratio of 2:4:6:8.

You just need to apply this principle correctly to play continuously until you win. After each day the bet capital multiplies so when you win you will definitely win big. However, if you keep the frame for more than 5 days and that number still does not return, you should stop and choose another one.

In addition, when playing the lottery, you also need to keep a comfortable mind, don’t put too much emphasis on winning or losing. In particular, you must set limits and bet responsibly to avoid negatively affecting your quality of life.

What is mute head? and the most effective playing strategies have been shared. Now you can access Hi88 try your luck right Today. The playground is launching many exclusive promotions for new players, so don’t miss them.

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