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The Power of the Power Grid Simulator: Unlocking Grid Adaptability

Strong and trustworthy power grid simulation is more important than ever before in the dynamic energy infrastructure industry. Our team’s innovative ActionPower power grid simulator is leading the charge in this transformation. This power grid simulator is revolutionizing grid adaptation and fault ride-through testing by simulating real-world system situations.

Medium-Voltage Grid Simulator

The ActionPower power grid simulator is a versatile and dynamic tool that offers a range of capabilities tailored to the needs of green energy power stations. Equipped with a 10kV full power output, this simulator is designed to mimic the complexities of the 35kV/10kV grid, enabling comprehensive testing and validation of grid adaptability.

Key Features of the ActionPower Power Grid Simulator

The ActionPower power grid simulator is a game-changer in the industry, boasting a suite of advanced features that set it apart. Its ability to conduct voltage adaptability tests, frequency adaptability tests, three-phase voltage unbalance adaptability tests, flicker adaptability tests, and harmonic/inter-harmonic adaptability tests ensures that green energy power stations are equipped to handle the ever-changing demands of the grid.

High/Low Voltage Fault Ride-Through Testing

One of the most critical aspects of the ActionPower power grid simulator is its capacity to perform high/low voltage fault ride-through tests. These tests simulate real-world grid disruptions, allowing power station operators to assess the resilience and responsiveness of their systems. By identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities, this power grid simulator helps ensure the stability and reliability of the grid.


The ActionPower power grid simulator is a testament to the power of innovation and the relentless pursuit of grid adaptability. By providing a comprehensive suite of testing capabilities, this cutting-edge solution empowers green energy power stations to navigate the complexities of the modern power grid with confidence. As we continue to shape the future of energy infrastructure, the ActionPower power grid simulator stands as a shining example of the transformative potential of technology.

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